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Enjoy the Amazon Rain Forest on board of one regional Boat. Photo gallery...

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We offer different tours perfect for your requirements. Photo gallery...

Pesca Esportiva 

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Pescaria Esportiva

Uma experiência maravilhosa em lugares exóticos e selvagem na Amazônica. Leia mais


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The group effect

Vaccination: Talk to your doctor about vaccinations that you need before visiting Brazil, You need a yellow fever international certificate to enter the country..

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Always carry a bottle of water with you. Heat and humidity can wear you out and it is a good idea to have water available at all times.



Important Information 

AMAZON GREEN TOURS LTD is a company that has a genuine interest in educating national and foreign visitors on how to take caution and care when booking hotels, tours and excursions to the ecological state of Amazonas. There are numerous website “pirates” promoting ecological tours that are not accredited by the ministry of tourism (AmazonasTur). These website pirates advertise accommodations at hotels in the jungle (jungle lodge) and on boats, and even promise to provide regional guides. These guides are known in our industry as ‘guides pirangueiros’ – unofficial, non-accredited guides. These travel agencies and guides have caused serious problems for local tourism with their poor services and failure to provide what they promise. The tourists fall prey to these scammers through misleading advertisements.

Also, many tour guides will sell you a package promising to bring you to Juma. It is important to know the difference between the Rio Juma (Juma River) and the Juma REDD (Sustainable Development Reserve). The map below will show you that the Juma Redd Sustainable Development Reserve is a very different location from the Rio Juma. The Reserve is 227 km from Manaus. Make sure you know where your guide is taking you if you wish to see the Ecological Reserve.

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Amazon Green Tours.
Rua Av; Getúlio vargas 3 minutes from the operahouse in the corner withR, 10 de julho number 775
Centro - Manaus, AM.
Tel: +55 92 9106 -5650
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